GECKO BIKE HIRE  IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF ECO-FRIENDLY ADVERTISING besides our pedal power advertising we can now provide our clients with wind powered advertising through using specialised imported lifter kites HIFLYBANNERS.COM

contact us at or on 0439989610 to discuss your requirements.

Banner Hire rates range from $95-00 ph up to $750-00 ph depending on number of hours, situation, deployment and number of letters/units  with a maximum of 25 units and a minimum charge of $450-00 per flight.  Normal Flights are between 6 and 8 hours.  NO FLIGHT NO CHARGE, only travel cost are recovered.   Travel charges are recovered at agreed rates and travel time is not charged for.  Flights are weather dependent and we reserve the right not to travel to a flight area if we are of the opinion that we will not be able to have a successful flight, i.e. where the risk of failure and possible damage to persons or property may occur due to weather conditions or situation conditions.


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