Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

1) Join our Flying High Banner Partnership.  YEBOWORLD (YW) is looking for enthusiastic young men and woman who love the outdoors to become Kite Pilots.  You must be fit, strong, sensible and be prepared to travel in your coverage area which is normally a 100km radius in Capital City areas and 500km radius in rural areas.  You will need a reliable vehicle and the ability to market the FLYING HIGH Advertising Service in your area.  You will be required to learn how to fly the lifter kite and  banners, assembly of the banner and launching and landing processes.  Initially you will be required to demonstrate the capabilities  and advantages of the system.

Your initial outlay of capital will be around A$3500-00 to A$4000-00.   This will depend on the US Dollar and insurance costs. Finance of up to 30% of the capital cost may be available to those who are able to provide acceptable security.    We estimate that the capital cost should be paid for after the first 200 flying hours excluding the income you would earn during this period.  On average a static flight will be for 6 hours, thus the partnership would  need to secure 34 flights (this equates to 3 per month over 12 months or 6 per month over a 6 month period) to pay the capital costs.  Thereafter there would be a small amount for running, maintenance, insurance and other costs.   YW  believes that 6 flights per month is easily possible, that an enthusiastic motivated person should be doing at least 2 flights a week.  YW will  undertake with you a review of the market in your potential area. You will be required to turn that market into sales.

YW or its subsidiary will enter into a partnership with you where YW  will provide, training, the partnership setup costs, Business name, Website, Sales Booking process, Bookeeping, Tax and accounts, Marketing sales and insurance structures.  Thus all the back office and administration costs will be financed by YW, so as to leave you to market the business and operate the business, YW does not leave you alone, we partner with you to ensure both parties success.

These kites are serious lifting devices and are not TOYS.  They require strength and thought when piloting them.  Landing and Launching can be dangerous thus all risks need to be considered when flying the  lifter kites with their banners.

  • If you would like to be involved in this exciting venture,
  • have the desire to run your own small business,
  • are mature enough to become a Kite Pilot,
  • enthusiastic, sensible, strong, fit,
  • are serious about winning and creating an income for yourself
  • the ability to demonstrate and follow up marketing leads
  • have capital to invest and a reliable car

Please send us your resume, a short cover letter covering  the above requirements and how you see yourself as a Kite Pilot , as well as your contact details to:

2)AGENTS:   BECOME an AGENT; The Gecko Bike Concept is unique in that you the Agent hire out a limited (or lots) number of bikes from your premises directly to the public.  Gecko maintain and provide the bikes and accessories, process and procedures.  All your staff have to do is fill out a form and collect the payment.  You receive a handsome part of the hire fee for doing this.  See this website for our successful locations.  This is best suited to businesses in the Hotel/Backpackers and Tourism Industries, however any well situated outlet will benefit.  A great success is to promote your region and  through the Tourist/Visitors center, have the bikes available and use your booking system.  Busselton Visitors Center provides a great service to the Public by providing tourists with easy access to bike hire.  Get a GECKO and get going. Interested? contact Stuart on 0439989610

3)  As a Tourist operator would you like to design something to do with Bicycles.  We at Gecko Bike Hire are keen to discuss your business with you and to see how we can partner with you to grow both businesses footprint.

4)  Are you a Bicycle Mechanic in an area that could have hire bikes.  If you can identify a tourist type business where we could provide 4 to 6 bikes and they would store them under cover.  Contact us so that we could investigate if the business would like to become and agent for Gecko Bike Hire.  If we are successful and you are the right person to do the monthly repairs and maintenance on the bikes, we will contract you to do such.